Embracing Differences (ED) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.  It is a diverse group of art patrons and community advocates dedicated to presenting the most dynamic, single theme public art exhibit for adults and students in the city's history.  Our aspiration is to use one of the most powerful media - the visual arts - to encourage frank dialogue between metro Atlantans of differing faiths, orientations, races and national origins about our differences as well as our shared commonality.  The ED Exhibit will demonstrate respect for differences in our thoughts and beliefs to help combat prejudice and elevate the human experience.



The time to act is now! At every level, whether internationally, nationally, or here in Georgia, there is a critical need for respect, tolerance and diversity education.

Daily, we hear news of racial, cultural and religious hatred, which fuels regional conflicts from Iraq to Afghanistan to Lebanon to Darfur and throughout the world.

Locally, we have challenges too.  Metro Atlanta has a growing international business community and growing Latino, Asian and Gay populations along with no viable "hate crime" legislation. The forces of intolerance are poised to grow in such an atmosphere.

Embracing Differences educates and inspires Atlantans of all ages to consider ways to embrace the differences among their neighbors, coworkers and classmates and, in doing so, glimpse our commonality. ED believes that a greater understanding of our differences can and will lead to a greater appreciation of our common humanity.



To use art to educate and promote a community where all people share a mutual respect for others without prejudice, hate or fear. 



To help end disharmony, discrimination and prejudice by allowing students' artistic expression to heal the differences that divide us.



2010 - 2011: In what might be considered a sheer stroke of genius, students from around Atlanta banded together to promote their convictions about tolerance and acceptance - and, in turn, is helping to end the many ways that stereotypes, fear and prejudice can paint ugly misconceptions of those who are different than we.

Gala and Opening Day Photos


The Embracing Differences first gala celebration, held on January 22, 2011 at Oglethorpe University, was a tremendous success.  Over 250 people including Emily Raferty, the President of the N.Y. Metropolitan Museum of Art, attended the event, which showcased artwork created by students and professional artists from the metro Atlanta area.

Participating students, friends, and family celebrated the opening of the art exhibition on the following day.  Everyone had plenty of activities to do and to eat.